Rink Parking Lot


Good morning!

The township has chosen to store some large equipment in our parking lot. It is scheduled to be removed Friday.

In the interim, please use the office building facility to park. If you choose to use the rink parking lot, please use caution around the equipment and please keep your children away from the equipment.

There are decisions made that go beyond the organization’s control and we ask for patience and understanding while the equipment is stored at the rinks.

Also, a general parking note. Please parallel park along the entrance way into the rinks so we can have 2 way traffic coming in and out of the facility. At the bend of the facility near the back, please do not park in a way that blocks any part of the driveway that extends to the back of the complex.

Lastly, cars are NOT to park in the stoned areas of the complex that surround the rinks. Please only park in the parking lot.

The office building lot can also be used. We are guests on that property as well, please treat it as such.

Thank you,

Marlton Street Hockey